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Product Advantages

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Product Advantages

Our company can provide one-step TFT color module solutions of various shapes according to different requirements of customers, and can change FPC, pin definition, and drive according to customer requirements. The maximum pixel can reach 2560*1440; the minimum line width can be achieved 10μm; normal driving voltage is 3~5V, high voltage or low voltage can be achieved, the working temperature is ultra-wide temperature, up to -40℃~90℃, IPS ultra-wide full viewing angle.

According to the needs of the market, our company independently develops circular screens, square screens, strip screens, half screens Reverse transflective, transflective, multi-interface driver board LCD screens, each of which is divided into Module, non-embedded and embedded capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen four series.Among them, for different fields, different brightness and interfaces are specially designed for customers in special fields need.

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Shenzhen Amelin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014.It is a professional engaged in TFT liquid crystal module (LCM), touch screen, display HDMI driver board and display serial board and other display touch industry products set design and development, manufacturing and sales in one about the high-tech enterprises.
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